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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

As the going away party gets into full swing, Olympia rails at "Asa" for allowing their son to be sent to Vietnam instead of helping him flee to Canada. Back in the future, Delphina presses Gigi to explain why she's passing Brody off as Shane's father.

At Rodi's, Layla warns a bristling Brody that his lies are bound to backfire badly. New troubles arise for Bo and Rex when Renee arrives at the ranch with Emma and young Spencer in tow. Brody vows to never let Shane know the truth about his real paternity.

Emma cozies up to Rex, who finds her striking resemblance to Gigi difficult to resist. Jeremiah lets it slip to a startled Clint that Maria has gone back to Mexico. As the thunderstorm moves closer, Gigi calls Shane to check in one last time before she begins her perilous journey.

Meanwhile, Professor Fina warns Bo and Rex they have no more time to waste. Brody opens the package Adriana sent to Gigi from Paris. Rex is knocked cold during a confrontation between Clint and his "pa."

Tune in to tomorrow's One Life to Live!

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