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One Life to Live
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Today on One Life to Live ...

Blair has an erotic dream about John.

Yearning to hear from Rex, Roxy tearfully vows never again to mess up her relationship with her son if he'll forgive her for lying about Charlie.

Delphina leads Gigi to the fence where lightning struck Rex and Bo and forced them through the time portal.

Dorian fears that Blair is dolling herself up for yet another misguided reconciliation with Todd.

In 1968, Clint wonders why "Asa" is so hellbent on leaving the party during a thunderstorm.

Natalie and Jared discuss the daunting effect Nash's death has had on their relationship with the whole family.

Meanwhile, Tess pressures Leo to follow her instructions to the letter.

Bo reluctantly channels his late father in an effort to convince Clint that Maria would have ruined his life.

Charlie tries to reassure Roxy that Rex will be fine. Blair informs her aunt she's finally eradicated Todd from her system.

Bo and Professor Fina help a groggy Rex to the site of the portal. Dorian prods Blair to reveal the name of her new guy, then is intrigued to learn it's John McBain.

Natalie promises Jared she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Gigi is unnerved to discover that she must allow herself to be hit by a lightning bolt if she wants to save Rex.

Dorian encourages Blair to go public with her new romance as soon as possible.

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