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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 29, 2008

On Friday's One Life to Live ...

Though Natalie insists that her lover turn down Clint's unethical request, Jared reveals that he's already booked a seat on a flight to Bogota.

Blair prepares for a custody hearing to determine Sam's permanent home. John tells Bo why he thinks Jessica knows more than she's saying about Todd's mysterious guest.

At Llanfair, Tina catches "Jessica" with the contractor she hired on the sly. An outraged Natalie blasts Jared for agreeing to ruin the life of an innocent teenage girl.

Blair confides to Dorian her fear that Todd will separate her from the little boy she's grown to love so much. Todd reassures a worried Marty that his niece will keep their secret.

Meanwhile, John cautions Bo that Jessica may be named as an accessory if arrest warrants are issued. Tess feigns concern to find Jared and Natalie arguing about Clint's latest plan.

Langston hints to a surprised Dorian that she may still have a blood relative in Colombia. Blair breathes a sigh of relief when the judge orders Sam to remain in her custody for at least one more year.

Later, Blair reminds Todd how he has nobody but himself to blame for losing his children. Natalie and Jared kiss and make up before he boards his flight.

Tess suspects that Tina is harboring a secret of her own. Todd informs a delighted Marty that he's going to raise Starr's baby.

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