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Tina continues to wonder what her niece is up to in Llanfair's basement. Blair tells John she's retained custody of Sam for another year.

Todd reports to a surprised Marty that Starr has agreed to let him raise her baby. Roxy introduces herself to Tina as Natalie's "other" mother.

Marcie bumps into Michael after she comes to the hospital for Starr's first birthing class. Tess covers for Leo in the house when Bo arrives.

Roxy and Tina are intrigued to discover just how much they have in common. Todd explains to Marty why Marcie McBain would be the worst possible parent for his grandchild.

Bo encourages "Jessica" for the truth about her uncle's secret.

A hopeful Marcie asks Michael if there's any way they can get on the same page again. Todd cajoles Marty to stay and help him care for the baby.

Cole asks Langston if they can still be friends. Michael reminds his estranged wife that adopting a Manning is begging for trouble.

As Leo shows Tess the work he's completed in the cellar, Tina's dog slips down the stairs behind them. Blair and Marcie both support Starr.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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