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One Life to Live
August 5, 2008
Official Recap

Still posing as Jessica, Tess surprises Viki with a going away party to kick off her African adventure.

Clint tells Nora he has another plan to wrest BE away from Dorian.

At La Boulet, a tearful Starr fills Langston and Dorian in on the end of her relationship with her baby's father.

Todd bumps into Blair and Jack while they're out shopping.

In Mendorra, Talia warns her father he'll have to kill her first if he tries to harm Antonio or the others.

Cole glumly informs Nora how he broke things off with Starr.

Charlie assures Jared he's maintaining his sobriety and attending meetings. Eager to get Viki out of Llanview ASAP, Tess arranges for her to leave two days ahead of schedule.

Blair accuses her ex of stalking her but Jack bitterly advises his mom to chill. Talia offers to remain in Mendorra if Carlo allows her friends to exit the country.

Though Antonio strenuously objects to leaving her behind, Talia reminds him how much Jamie needs her dad to come home safely.

Natalie convinces a grumbling Clint to put aside his differences with her and Jared in order to attend Viki's party.

Certain Todd is responsible for Starr's latest heartbreak, Dorian vows to make him pay. Charlie is touched by a special gift from his son.

Todd suggests to an irked Natalie that one of her many enemies may have tampered with the brakes on her car.

After accidentally bringing one of Todd's shopping bags home, Blair discovers a nightgown among his purchases and assumes it's a present for his new girlfriend.

Dorian decides to crash Viki's bash. Tina and Cristian are ecstatic when Sarah suddenly turns up alive and well.

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One Life To Live
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