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One Life to Live
August 6, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Gigi and Brody start their first shift at Rodi's.

"Jessica" snarls at Dorian for crashing Viki's party. Worried about being jailed for arson, David decides to make tracks.

In 1968, Jeremiah shows Bo a book on time travel while Rex desperately tries to make contact with Gigi. Blair brings the nightgown over to her ex-husband's place, where she presses Keyes to let her meet Todd's new lady friend.

Aboard the flight back to Llanview, Sarah explains to Cristian and Tina how she was washed downstream before managing to find her way back to the city. Devastated to meet Vincent's other woman, Layla tearfully tells him they are through.

Dorian accuses Todd of breaking Starr's heart by convincing Cole to dump her. David is rattled to discover that he can no longer see his reflection in the mirror.

Brody intercepts Rex's call to Gigi.

Cris encourages his dejected brother to believe that he and Talia will be reunited one day. Tess is intrigued by Dorian's mention of the secret room beneath Llanfair.

Recalling how she hid the real crown jewels in her dog's sweater, Tina lets Cain think the gems in his possession are the genuine article.

David donates his canine namesake to two nuns at the airport. Cain dons a parachute and jumps from the plane with the "crown jewels" in tow.

Rex and Bo learn they must ensure that David is born on schedule if they have any hope of getting back to the future. A sympathetic Gigi reaches out to Layla.

Viki comes face to face with Tina.

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One Life To Live
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