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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 7, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Todd returns home and is irked to find Blair modeling a nightgown for Keyes. Tess does some research on Llanfair's secret room.

Delphina offers to help Gigi locate Rex ... for a price.

In 1968, Emma blasts "Asa" for trying to get her into bed right after he broke her heart. Stung by Vincent's betrayal, Layla lashes out at Brody for being just as bad as every other guy she knows.

Antonio, Cristian and Sarah hurry to find Carlotta after hearing about the fire which destroyed her diner. At the airport, Viki fills Tina in on her own near-death experience.

Meanwhile, Tess wheedles the garage mechanic into keeping mum about the real cause of Viki's "accident." Gigi catches Brody in a lie and forces him to confess how he intercepted Rex's call.

Tina confides to her sister how much she's been thinking about Cord in recent months. Anxious not to alter the past, Rex attempts to persuade Emma to sleep with his "Pa" after all.

Blair warns Todd that he's bound to mess up his new romance the same way he screws up all his interpersonal relationships. Gigi finds Delphina's wild tale about time travel impossible to believe.

Back in the past, Rex theorizes that Professor Delbert Fina may be able to help him and Bo make their way home.

Tina is thrilled to be reunited with "David Vickers," especially when she discovers that the dog is still wearing his gem-laded jacket. Gigi realizes that Delphina could be right.

Keyes utters a thinly veiled threat after Todd abruptly fires him.

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