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One Life to Live - 8/8/08
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Cristian comforts Sarah after she awakens gasping from a nightmare about her trip over the falls. Tina secretly locks the crown jewels into the wall safe at Llanfair.

In 1968, Rex panics to think that he's only 24 hours away from reporting for duty in Vietnam. Gigi tells Shane he'll get to spend some extra time with his dad because she's going away for a few days.

Antonio explains to John why Talia remained behind in Mendorra and how Cain escaped with the jewels.

Natalie is pleased to meet her aunt for the first time but Tess fumes to suddenly have Tina underfoot at the worst possible moment.

Professor Fina assures the time travelers he can help them get home but only if they haven't altered history during their sojourn in the past.

Shane sounds off about his mother's plan to search for Rex. Layla welcomes Sarah home. Bo is forced to harden his heart and send Maria away from the ranch before she can spill her baby news to Clint.

Gigi accuses Brody of fueling her son's fear about her impending trip. Later, Delphina tells Gigi they must locate the portal which will allow her to slip back to 1968.

John is surprised when the mayor appoints him as interim police commissioner. Brody gives a grateful Gigi the five grand she needs to pay Delphina's price.

Tess gets wind of the name of an unscrupulous contractor.

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