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As Todd struggles to wrestle the gun away from Ramsey, the rifle discharges and sends a bullet through the window of John's room. Sarah and Cristian enjoy a close moment until Layla's early return breaks the mood. Inside the Lord mausoleum, Jessica and Natalie demand Allison divulge her secret at last. Michael visits his wife's jail cell and urges her to plead not guilty at her arraignment. Gigi and Rex rush down from the roof and find John sheltering a badly shaken Shane. Later, John tracks down the source of the shots.

Natalie suspects that Allison is bluffing, and Jessica feels certain the woman is withholding important info about their family. Marcie insists on accepting punishment and advises an agitated Michael not to wait for her when she's sent away to prison. Growing impatient, Jessica decides to play hardball with Allison by locking her in the crypt overnight. Bo takes both Todd and Ramsey into custody. Sarah invites Cris to be her date for the Go Red charity ball. Gigi repeats her assertion to Rex that Shane is not his son.

One Life To Live
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