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Today on One Life to Live, Ramsey positions himself in concealment across from the Angel Square Hotel. He's determined to carry out a plan to shoot Shane and Gigi. After regaining consciousness, an alarmed John races back to Gigi and Shane but finds Gigi gone. Meanwhile, Gigi has gone to the roof and doesn't give Rex a straight answer when he questions her if Shane is his son. Rex regrets hurting Gigi when they were younger and had no idea she had actually fallen in love with him.

Jack tells Todd kids at school were claiming Todd gave him away as a baby. Todd is pained as he admits to Jack that it's true. Todd and Blair manage to chase Jack's fears away and assure him of Todd's love. Todd sets out to stop Ramsey from hurting Gigi and Shane. Allison isn't forthcoming with her secret and makes Jessica and Natalie drive her to the Lord Mausoleum if they want to hear it.

One Life To Live
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