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Jessica and Natalie are dismayed to discover that Allison has vanished. Viki is sad when Charlie explains why he'd be uncomfortable attending the Go Red ball. Jared has an erotic dream about Natalie. Michael (Chris Stack) comes to wish Marcie a happy Valentine's Day. Bo releases Todd into John's custody. Lindsay warns a bristling Nora she's in for a world of hurt if she goes ahead with her prosecution of Marcie. Allison makes her way to the Angel Square diner, where she sets her sights on an unsuspecting Roxy.

Viki persuades Charlie to set his doubts aside and escort her to the gala.

Viki introduces her daughters to Charlie and announces her friend's connection to Rex. Michael promises his tearful wife that his heart will always belong to her. John brings Todd to court for Marcie's arraignment. Jared contributes a secret to the "Get It Off Your Chest" box. Starr's suspicions grow after she eavesdrops on Langston and Cole (Brandon Buddy) through Sam's baby monitor. Marcie takes Michael's advice and pleads not guilty. Charlie gives Viki a memento of their time together in Paris, Texas.

Two FBI agents arrive in Llanview to take Ramsey back to D.C. Todd reverts to form and threatens to kill Marcie and Michael if they come near any of his kids ever again.

One Life To Live
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