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Allison forces Roxy to let her hide out at the salon.

Jessica and Natalie are prevented from continuing their search for Allison when they run into Nash, who had earlier dropped Bree off with Roxy without knowing about Allison hiding out there.

Nash and Jessica are on the verge of discovering Allison when they later go to pick up Bree.

Viki is pleasantly surprised when Gigi and Shane drop by Llanfair. Charlie is forced to keep his lie alive when Viki stuns Gigi with the news that he's Rex's father. Viki invites Gigi to the Go Red Ball later that evening.

Bo gives Viki the news that Allison escaped from St. Ann's.

Marcie returns home and becomes upset to find that Michael removed all traces of their son. Michael retrieves Tommy things and he and Marcie begin the healing process as they sort through them together.

Blair is impressed when Todd is completely honest with her and believes this is a new beginning for them. Bo takes heat from the Mayor for assuming guardianship of Lindsay. Nora's curiosity is piqued when she sees Lindsay dropping a secret into the "Get It Off Your Chest" Box.

Antonio and Talia have trouble keeping their mind on their work - they're too interested in each other.

One Life To Live
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