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One Life to Live: Episode Guide
Friday, February 15, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Starr sheepishly apologizes to Cole and Langston for so misinterpreting their secretive behavior. Rex and Adriana are surprised to see Gigi make an appearance at the charity ball. Charlie pulls his son aside and threatens to blow Jared's scam sky high.

Meanwhile, Allison forces a reluctant Roxy to sneak her into the gala. Jared reopens old wounds as he bitterly accuses his father of abandoning the family and leaving them at the mercy of a newcomer. Jessica explains why she struck a bargain with the woman who ripped her family apart.

The mayor fires Bo when he again refuses to evict Lindsay. Nash convinces Jessica to come clean about her role in Allison's escape. With midnight approaching, Nora takes another stab at getting her hands on her nemesis' secret but Lindsay catches her pawing through the "Get It Off Your Chest" box.

Starr's Sweet Sixteen party gets even sweeter when Mary J. Blige takes the stage to perform for the crowd. Todd, Gigi and the rest of the folks at the ball are stunned when Mayor Lowell announces that Lee Ramsey has just become the new commissioner of police. Allison pulls a gun on Jessica.

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