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February 18, '08
One Live to Live

Pointing her gun at Jessica, Allison orders the young woman to either hold still or die where she stands. During the Sweet 16 party at UltraViolet, an excited Starr and her pals enjoy another performance by Mary J. Blige. Lindsay snarls at Nora after catching her pawing through the Get It Off Your Chest box.

As a gloating Ramsey steps to the podium, Gigi shudders to realize that her worst nightmare has just become Llanview's new police commissioner. Jared declares his love to a flustered Natalie. Rex explains to Charlie how Mitch and his followers stole Viki's daughter when she was just a baby.

Lindsay finally locates the secret she dropped into the box and crams the note into her mouth to prevent Nora from reading it. Todd blasts Mayor Lowell for putting a psycho killer in charge of the police force. Allison informs Jessica that she's already met, and even held, baby Bree.

Later, Allison forces Jessica to get on her knees and beg for her life. Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) invites Charlie to join him for a father/son outing at a Sixers game. Clint relays some bad news to Nora, who accuses Lindsay of costing Bo his job. Jared considers coming clean but a phone call interrupts him.

Bo vows to learn how Ramsey weaseled his way into the commissioner's post. Starr confides to Markko how bad she feels about suspecting Cole and Langston. Roxy stumbles over the pile of secrets. Jared comes to Jessica's rescue but winds up tumbling over the balcony with Allison as they wrestle for control of the gun.

One Life To Live
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