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Today on One Life to Live, Rex realizes that Adriana is reluctant to go to Paris because she still believes Shane is his son.

Cole confides to Langston why the new police commissioner has it in for him in a big way. Meanwhile, Bo and Ramsey face off at the precinct house as Antonio and Talia look on. Rex reassures Adriana that his love for her will never change no matter what the world throws at them. John heads home from Washington after failing to learn Ramsey's fate.

Starr enlists Markko in her plan to surprise Cole with one of his favorite dishes. Shane enjoys spending time with Rex. Langston urges Cole to unburden himself to Starr but he balks at telling the truth. Layla convinces Adriana not to pass up a golden opportunity out of petty jealousy. Talia and Antonio trick Ramsey into signing the necessary documents which will allow John to be reinstated.

As the credits get ready to roll on today's One Life to Live, John is astonished to learn the identity of his new boss...

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