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Today on One Life to Live, Alison taunts a surprised Jessica about her biological father after disclosing that her secret concerns the late, unlamented Mitch Lawrence. Upon meeting Shane, Adriana suspects that the boy might be Rex's son. Meanwhile, Rex confides to Bo how he knows Walter wasn't his real dad.

Ramsey listens from his hiding place as John reminds Todd that he's going to prison unless he does right by Marcie. Gigi nervously hastens to assure Adriana that Rex is not Shane's dad. Charlie explains to an astonished Viki how he and Dorian struck up a friendship which led to him moving into one of her guest rooms.

Jared icily informs Viki how her daughter once framed him and sent him to prison for two years. Displaying the ring he bought for Gabrielle, Bo urges his young friend to give the bauble to Adriana. Ramsey again suggests to an appalled Todd that killing Gigi and Shane is the only solution to his problem.

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