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PART ONE: Cris and Sarah's date gets off to a bumpy start. Natalie admits to Roxy how she can't stop thinking about "Uncle Jared." Meanwhile, Nigel finds Jared trashing his room in a fit of rage. Jessica reminds her fuming husband why she had to vote against him in order to maintain her charade as "Tess." Sarah confides to Cristian how nervous she is about going on a date with someone who isn't her type.

PART TWO: Nora tells Clint she believes his brother isn't really okay with them seeing one another. R.J. again warns Lindsay that Bo will send her up the river if he ever gets wind of the truth. Nigel threatens to expose Jared's lies if he doesn't come clean with the Buchanans himself. Cris and Sarah toast to a new beginning. Nash tells his wife she's playing with fire by pretending to be her alter ego.

PART THREE: Nash hits the roof when Jessica reveals how Jared has already asked "Tess" to sleep with him. Roxy gives Natalie a badly needed pep talk. Over dinner at the Palace, Sarah and Cristian enjoy getting to know one another better. Lindsay swears to Bo that she and R.J. are just friends these days. Clint and Nora happily put on a public display of affection.

One Life To Live
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