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Today on One Life to Live, Nash laments his problems with Jessica to Roxy, who advises him he'd better take action and do something.

Meanwhile, Jessica, posing as Tess, cozies up to Jared in his bedroom. Jared, however, is one step ahead of Jessica and has called the doctor ...

Clint, Nora, Bo and Lindsay's dinner together quickly deteriorates into a food fight after Nora suggests that Lindsay may have faked her breakdown.

Bo brings up the subject of Nora's past infidelity.

Nora is determined to prove that Lindsay faked her psychotic break. Privately, Lindsay vows that Nora will never uncover the truth.

Cristian and Sarah have a great time on their date and land in close proximity after taking a fall while ice skating in a flooded Angel Square.

After speaking to his Aunt Corrine, Rex is certain Roxy is hiding something about his family. Corrine warns Roxy that Rex has been asking questions.

One Life To Live
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