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One Life to Live
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on One Life to Live, Tina breathlessly tells her "prince" about her misadventures during the trip abroad.

Down below in the palace's dungeon, Talia explains to an astonished Sarah that her father is the notorious Carlo Hesser.

Starr drops by the McBains' in hopes of speaking with Marcie but runs into Michael instead. Meanwhile, Cole goes to Todd's place and blurts out that Starr is pregnant.

Nora interrupts Bo and Lindsay's wedding and asks the irked groom to read an important document before he ties the knot. Talia bitterly reminds Carlo why she is nothing like him.

Michael suggests to Starr that she'd like to stick it to her dad by giving her child to the woman Todd hates most. Antonio and Cristian puzzle over Jonas' real motive in bringing them to Mendorra.

Cain assures Tina they can continue to play the role of royalty and still make out like bandits with the crown jewels.

Bo icily advises Nora to butt out, then is surprised when his bride-to-be insists on showing him R.J.'s letter.

Talia vows to put Carlo back behind bars where he belongs. Starr tells Michael she only wants the best possible parents for her baby. Lindsay finally confesses her dirty little secret to Bo.

Matthew accuses Nora of ruining his dad's big day. Stunned by Cole's announcement, Todd's mood darkens when he learns how his daughter plans to let the McBains raise her child.

Clint scolds Nora for destroying his brother's happiness. Later, Bo walks out on a weeping Lindsay.

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