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One Life to Live
July 30, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Viki returns to Llanfair and tells Natalie and "Jessica" about her close call. Elated to reach Gigi by cell phone, Rex struggles to explain his strange predicament.

Upon discovering how Blair and John slept together, Todd informs his ex that he already has a new woman in his life.

In Mendorra, Jonas triumphantly reminds Antonio that he cannot stop the royal wedding.

Charlie promises to keep Brody's secret but urges the young man to consider how Shane and Rex will both be affected by his lie.

"Jessica" encourages Viki to accept an invitation to go on tour to promote organ donation. Rex's garbled call to Gigi gets cut short before she can hear him clearly.

Jonas stabs Antonio and leaves him bleeding on the dungeon floor.

Rex reminds Bo how drastically the future of the Buchanan clan will change if he loses his life in Vietnam.

Todd suggests to a bristling Blair that John is just using her as a cheap substitute for Marty. Recalling Delphina's admonition to "follow the pie," Bo and Rex decide to head to the Bonjour to seek out Emma.

Standing in the charred remnants of her diner, Carlotta wonders how the blaze began. John finally hauls off and punches Todd.

As their guests begin to arrive, Carlo warns Talia she must go through with the wedding ceremony if she hopes to keep Antonio alive.

Tess plots her next move.

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One Life To Live
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