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One Life to Live
Tuesday, July 8
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Today on One Life to Live ...

Nora comes to the gallery with two police officers and places Lindsay under arrest for Spencer's murder.

Meanwhile, Rex finds Bo bitterly drowning his sorrows in his loft.

With Roxy in tow, Charlie appeals to the bartender at Rodi's for information about the night he fell off the wagon.

Natalie dares to hope that her sister's forgiveness means she and Jared can finally make a fresh start. Still posing as Jessica, Tess tells a delighted Viki that she and Bree are moving back into Llanfair.

Nora explains to a shuddering Lindsay why the statute on double jeopardy doesn't apply in the Truman case. Between clenched teeth, Dorian accuses David of torturing her by tying himself to Addie.

"Jessica" informs her startled mother that she's already made peace with Jared and Natalie. Lindsay blasts Nora for using her office to exact revenge and get her claws back into Bo.

Tess plots her next move. Roxy helps Charlie mentally retrace his steps just before he blacked out. Rex refuses to leave Bo alone to stew in his misery.

Nora exults in the fact that justice will be served at long last. Charlie confronts Dorian. Rex decides to have a talk with Gigi about her announcement during his wedding.

"Jessica" coaxes Natalie to come stay at Llanfair.

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