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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on One Life to Live ...

Adriana nervously dodges Rex's questions about why she was carrying his toothbrush. Gigi hits the roof when she finds Brody sharing a bottle of beer with Shane.

At La Boulet, Blair is appalled to discover her mother performing yoga moves with a half-naked David. An agitated Viki tells Natalie how Charlie lied to her about being Rex's dad.

Meanwhile, Dorian plunges a syringe into Charlie's arm to prevent him from phoning Viki. Marcie refuses to hand Sam back to Todd. Starr confides to Langston how she's been thinking that she actually might be able to raise a child. Gigi blasts Brody for his irresponsible behavior.

Adriana informs Rex she was going to have a DNA test done to make sure Charlie really is his father. Jessica cheers her mother by bringing Bree to Llanfair for a visit. John catches Todd in another lie and orders him to surrender Sam to Child Protective Services.

Dorian has two of her henchmen sneak an unconscious Charlie into her bedroom. Brody admits to Shane that he was wrong, then coaxes the boy to apologize for mouthing off to his mother. Using Charlie's cell, Dorian sends a text message to Viki.

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