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One Life to Live
June 25, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Tina's presence at the loft continues to irritate Cristian. Shane is all smiles after he and his "dad" win a trophy for the father/son three-legged race.

Meanwhile, Rex formally introduces himself to Brody. Natalie yearns to attend Nash's funeral service. At the church, Viki and Clint promise a grieving Jessica they'll be beside her every step of the way.

John asks Todd what he did with the ailing woman Ramsey was hiding in his penthouse. After Talia finds her apartment trashed, Antonio speculates that the break-in is tied to Sarah's unsettling encounter with the gunman in the park.

Across town, "Princess Tina" explains to her astonished daughter and Cris why Jonas is in hot pursuit of the Mendorran jewels. Roxy is crushed when Rex continues to give her the cold shoulder.

Cristian warns Tina he'll bring his brother in on the case unless she agrees to leave town by nightfall. Todd hints to Marty that John is even more dangerous than she imagines.

Viki supports her daughter as Jessica tearfully braces for the funeral. Talia comes face to face with Jonas. Jared and Natalie decide to conceal themselves at the rear of the church and listen to Nash being eulogized. John sneaks into Todd's place and begins snooping around.

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One Life To Live
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