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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 3/10/08

Starr awakens gasping from a nightmare about her father attacking Cole. Meanwhile, at the diner, Markko tells Cole how Starr's dad went psycho on him as well. Blair finally puts her foot down when Todd renews plans for their family's move to Hawaii. Ramsey hints to John that he used some pull to obtain the post of Llanview's police commissioner. Starr is outraged to discover that her phone and internet have been disconnected, cutting off all communication to her boyfriend.

Nora explains to an appalled Antonio how the victims of the Santi family have sued him for restitution. Dorian urges Starr not to make a bad situation even worse by trying to contact Cole. Stunned to realize he's on the verge of losing everything he owns, Antonio wonders how he can provide for his daughter. Jack is disappointed to learn that he's not going to Hawaii, but Starr exults to hear Blair's news. Todd warns Starr he'll send Cole to prison for shooting Miles if she goes anywhere near the boy ever again.

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One Life To Live
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