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One Life to Live
March 11, 2008
Episode Recap

Starr is horrified to realize that Todd would make good on his threat to send Cole to prison (for shooting Miles months earlier) if she ever has anything to do with him again. Todd is crushed by Starr's words when she tells him she now understands why people are scared of him. Blair fails to talk sense into Todd, who takes off to file assault charges against John. Todd backs off John after Nora points out that having John kicked off the police force would only make things easier for Ramsey. Blair admits to a devastated Starr that she believes Todd really would send Cole (Brandon Buddy) to prison if Starr doesn't stay away from him.

John and Nora put their heads together to try and figure out who's behind Ramsey getting the commissioner job.

Dorian and Viki throw some jabs at each other at the Palace. Jessica throws Charlie for a loop when she tells him the truth that Dorian and Viki hate each other. Charlie shows up at the Palace to confront Dorian.

Jessica wants to hire Cristian to design the label for Nash's new wine. Cristian tells Jessica and Blair about Antonio losing everything, including Capricorn and Jamie's trust fund money.

Marcie reconnects with Gigi and is happy when a woman at the diner praises the job Marcie did. Marcie takes the first steps at getting her life back. Until next time on One Life to Live ...

One Life To Live
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