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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
March 12, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Charlie confronts Dorian about lying to him on her "friendship" with Viki.

He demands to know what she wants. Dorian explains how she hates Viki, and will use a secret that Charlie and Jared are keeping (that Jared is not a Buchanan) as she sees fit — and will certainly use it to hurt Viki at a time when it hurts the woman most. Charlie wants no part of it, so Dorian reminds him she's holding all the cards and can have him and Jared sent to prison if she so desires. Charlie is under Dorian's thumb when she agrees to keep quiet about his true identity if he makes sure Rex doesn't marry Adriana.

Nash meets with his mysterious new business partner. Cristian takes the job working for Nash.

Jessica visits Antonio to express her sympathies over his losing his money. They share a bittersweet moment over what might have been but part on good terms.

Natalie notices the chemistry between Rex and Gigi. Dorian schemes to have Adriana stay longer in Paris and we learn she orchestrated Adriana's trip in the first place: She's doing it to split Rex and Adriana apart. Adriana (thanks to Dorian) is delayed in Paris because of work and tells a disappointed Rex. Marcie takes Shane back to Llanfair and is touched by Viki's kindness and understanding.

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