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One Life to Live
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Friday, March 14

One Life to Live Recap
Natalie and Jared question Renee and Nigel about possible business enemies of Asa's that may be targeting Buchanan Enterprises. Jared's guilt begins to grow as he admits to Nigel that he never thought it would be so difficult to lie about being a Buchanan (because of his feelings for Natalie, his "niece").

Shane finds old photos of Gigi and Rex but she quickly shuts him down when he asks about photos of his father. Viki senses there's more going on between Rex and Gigi than Gigi is saying. Roxy wonders what Charlie is really up to - why did he agree to lie and claim to be Rex's father? Charlie covers his real reason.

Starr learns that Todd has hired guards to follow her. Langston and Markko come up with a plan for Cole and Starr to meet up at the docks. Blair tells Starr that if she really loves Cole she'll stay away from him to keep him safe. Although heartbroken, Starr forces herself to break up with Cole.

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One Life To Live
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