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One Life to Live
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Today on One Life to Live, Jared fears the jig is up when a grim-faced Natalie declares that the fraud perpetrated on her family will mean prison time. Blair finds a half-naked Sarah in Cristian's loft. Insisting that "Tommy" isn't safe with Todd, Starr urges Marcie to find a way to get the boy back.

Gigi sees that neither Rex nor Adriana heard her confession. Outraged to discover that Ramsey has purchased his penthouse, Todd demands that the commissioner vacate the premises. Starr claims her dad hit "Tommy," then gets flustered when Marcie starts talking about court hearings and foster care.

John takes note of Jared's anxiety and asks Natalie how things stand between her and her newfound uncle. Blair tells Cris she's decided to buy Capricorn herself. It finally becomes apparent to a relieved Jared that Natalie is still in the dark about his masquerade. Adriana can't resist taking a few jabs at Gigi.

Ramsey rejects Todd's offer to buy back the penthouse. After Marcie asks him to file a report, John advises Starr to be sure about the allegations she's made against her father. Jared concocts a plausible sounding cover story to convince Natalie to erase the tape without listening to the talk he had with Nigel.

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