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One Life to Live
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March 19, '08

After making love, Adriana suggests to a startled Rex that they tie the knot that very day. At the offices of Buchanan Enterprises, Jared notes Gigi's distress and gently offers to lend her a sympathetic ear.

Lindsay delivers another confidential dossier to Clint.

Dorian learns that her daughter has returned from Paris but has made no attempt to contact her. Ramsey tells an outraged Bo how he's begun investigating a case of large scale fraud involving Buchanan.

Clint angrily rejects her offer of assistance, and Lindsay reminds him how her first piece of inside information has already saved his company from extinction.

Prodded by Ramsey, Nora produces a court order compelling the Buchanans to hand over any documents relating to the fraud case. Dorian heads to Rex's place and feigns surprise to find Adriana in residence.

Jared comforts Gigi as she bemoans the mess she's made. Unaware that Lindsay is hanging on every word, Nora again complains to Clint about her nemesis getting away with murder. Later, Bo advises Nora to stop carping and cut Lindsay some slack for a change. Rex is taken aback to spot Jared and Gigi sharing a kiss.

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One Life To Live
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