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One Life to Live
March 24, 2008
Episode Recap

Gigi says her employer never forced his attentions on her. Langston explains to Starr how Cole is planning to sneak in to see her. Blair catches Cole in La Boulet's living room and hisses at the boy to hide before Todd spots him as well. A seething Adriana berates her mother for meddling in her love life yet again.

Antonio is irked to note the growing camaraderie between Talia and John. Rex wonders why his "dad" is taking Jared's side while Natalie reminds her "uncle" why kissing a lower level employee borders on harassment.

Adriana orders Dorian out of the loft and out of her life. Rex offers Jared his apology. Starr and Cole are happily reunited as Langston stands guard. Dorian begs Adriana to reconsider.

Gigi faces off with Layla.

Adriana gives her mom one last chance to redeem herself, but only on the condition that Dorian guarantees her wedding with Rex goes off without a single hitch. Antonio icily advises Talia to take her job more seriously. Blair warns her daughter and Cole that they can never take such a risk again.

Layla hurries to give Adriana a heads-up about Rex throwing punches to defend Gigi's honor.

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One Life To Live
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