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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on One Life to Live, Gigi treats Shane to a stack of pancakes in honor of his birthday.

  • Nash asks an excited Sarah to put together a bash for the vintners' convention in Napa. Dorian reminds Charlie that the ruse he's pulling with Jared is bound to be exposed sooner or later.
  • Clint decides the time has come to use the dirt Lindsay dug up on Warren Cobb. Shane sadly tells Gigi that his perennial wish to meet his dad has never come true.

Jessica confides to her mom how Nash has been missing in action at home ever since his new business partner came on board. Lindsay is disappointed when Bo resists the urge to kiss her.

Gigi assures Shane that he does remind her of his late father. Adriana questions Rex about his scuffle with Jared at the Angel Square diner. Nash's partner readily agrees to give him another large cash advance.

Adriana once again confronts Gigi about her son's true paternity.

Clint forces Warren to retreat by displaying the blackmail material in his possession.

Roxy confesses to Charlie that she doesn't actually know the identity of Rex's real father. Adriana warns Gigi she won't let anyone get in the way of her nuptials.

Lindsay cautions an irritated Nora that she doesn't know Clint quite as well as she believes. Charlie happily reports to Viki that he got the job at BE. Bo is startled when Clint drops another bombshell on Warren.

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