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One Life to Live
March 26, 2008 Recap

Today on One Life to Live, Jared denies to Natalie that there is anything going on between him and Gigi and then asserts that Rex was jealous, not protective of Gigi. Pointing out how she's been unable to look at him since the kiss, he then accuses her of being jealous.

When Adriana demands to know the name of Shane's father, Gigi blasts her for snooping. Shane overhears and claims that his father was Sgt. Hogan McNair. Gigi then tells the story about Hogan and how his grandmother wanted nothing to do with Shane after her son was killed.

Rex is suspicious when Dorian suddenly decides to accept his marriage plans but she claims she experienced an "epiphany." Later, Adriana tells Rex she lied to him because she didn't want him to know that she was with Gigi.

She reports that she had a nice chat with her but later advises Dorian she trusts Gigi less now.

At the diner Markko assures Marcie that they all miss her at school. When Michael claims he's going to have to work late again, Marcie asks how long this is going to last and laments that she's out of work and can't have children. As Bo watches in disbelief, Clint tries to force Warren Cobb to accept the buyout.

Bo privately compares Clint to Asa and urges him to stay out of the man's business. Clint responds that he has his reasons and finally has Natalie bring him proof that Warren was laying the groundwork to "blow up" BE.

Shown the file, Warren insists it was only a preliminary idea and promises he wouldn't do anything to hurt him or his family. Later, Bo accuses Clint of enjoying how he humiliated Warren and demands to know what dirt he used to force him to sell. Clint says it doesn't matter and warns Bo to let him do his job.

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One Life To Live
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