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March 5, 2008
One Life to Live Recap


Today on One Life to Live, Langston tells Blair that Todd is on a rampage. Meanwhile, Todd attacks Cole as a horrified Starr looks on. Nora is irked when Bo suggests that she may not be up to the task of acting as Cole's guardian. Lindsay delivers a special gift to Clint, who's intrigued to come into possession of enough dirt to bring Virgil down once and for all. Shouting that Cole did nothing wrong, Starr begs her father to stop hitting him.


Talia wonders aloud if Marty's tragic death has affected John's judgment re: Ramsey. Nora promises to have a heart to heart with Cole about the teen honoring his commitments. Blair hurries to Langston's house and finds a half-naked Starr screaming as Todd pummels Cole. Back at La Boulet, Dorian hides her own doubts and tries to reassure Langston. Blair helps Cole escape, then warns Todd she'll call the cops if he tries to pursue the boy.


Starr tearfully tells Blair how Todd barged in before she and Cole could make love. Carlotta cautions Antonio that Jamie may be getting too attached to Talia. When Todd threatens to file rape charges, Starr furiously informs her father that she wanted to sleep with Cole. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Nora and John are alarmed by Cole's injuries. Lindsay thanks Clint for not ratting her out. John storms over to La Boulet and decks Todd.

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