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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on One Life to Live, Starr shivers when Todd begins pounding on the front door at La Boulet. Jared warns his dad that the whole truth is about to come out.

At the gallery, Talia tests the metal detector while Antonio secretly tinkers with her gun.

Shaun informs an exasperated Todd he's switched sides and now works for Blair. R.J. lets Nora know where Clint acquired all the dirt he used to fend off the recent takeover attempts at Buchanan Enterprises.

Natalie thinks fast to prevent her father from discovering David in the stables. Todd appeals to his daughter to understand that he was only acting out of love and in an effort to protect her.

Charlie worries about how Viki and Rex will react once they learn how he lied.

Masked men brandishing guns barge into the art gallery and demand the Mendorra crown jewels. Nora thanks R.J. for the hot tip. Later, Nora confronts Clint in front of Lindsay and Bo.

Talia tries to fire at the fleeing robbers but discovers that her weapon won't discharge. Blair icily orders Todd to move his things out of the house. Lindsay's heart sinks when Bo's ardor cools after hearing about her recent activity.

Ramsey fires Talia for her "incompetence." Todd refuses to leave La Boulet without baby Sam.

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