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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on One Life to Live, Rex and Adriana enjoy making love as an officially married couple. Michael springs a romantic surprise on Marcie as their second anniversary rolls around.

Todd reminds Blair why she can't keep Sam from him. Gigi hides from Shane the evidence of Brody's late night drinking. Adriana fumes to see herself portrayed as a "bridezilla" on the front page of the morning Sun. Charlie admits to Viki that he lied to her about being Rex's dad. Shane asks his mom if she can ever love Brody the way she loves Rex.

Adriana arrives with a proposal for Gigi but gets doused with a shaken can of soda by a jeering Shane. Blair tells a delighted Dorian that she's finally kicking Todd out of the house.

Adriana offers Gigi a sample of Rex's DNA from his toothbrush and suggests she use it to pass Brody off as Shane's real father. Rattled by Charlie's confession, Viki insists that he come clean with Rex right away. When a tearful Jack begs Blair not to send his dad away, Starr explains to the boy why none of them are really safe until Todd vacates the premises.

Gigi warns the new Mrs. Balsom how her mother secretly tried to stop the wedding. Later, Brody physically carries a protesting Adriana out of the carriage house. Michael reminds Marcie how they had a life together even before Tommy came into the picture. Trouble rears its ugly head when both Adriana and Todd drive distracted in the vicinity of Angel Square.

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One Life To Live
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