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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on One Life to Live ...

Starr and Cole settle into their new lives at the shore. Starr is impressed by Cole's take charge attitude and they line up restaurant jobs for the summer. Blair finds moral support in John after her argument with Todd.

John and Blair put their heads together to try to figure out where Starr and Cole might have run away to. Meanwhile, Todd assaults Langston and Markko demanding they tell him everything they know about where Starr and Cole might have gone.

Langston seems to have gotten through to Todd's sensible side but he suddenly grabs Markko's backpack and discovers Markko's pre-paid cell phone. Todd calls the cell phone and demands to speak with Starr.

Rex and Gigi dance around their lingering feelings for one another. Adriana finds Rex and Gigi together and invites Gigi to her bachelorette party at Ultraviolet. Adriana apologizes to Rex for her recent behavior.

Natalie can't bring herself to spoil Viki's happiness by revealing the truth about Charlie's lies. Jared and Natalie head to the Bonjour Café, unaware that David happens to be working there.

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One Life To Live
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