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Markko tries to keep Langston's morale up. Tina sends her little dog out to search for the missing Cain. Adriana informs Gigi and Shane she's had Rex moved to another facility.

Ray overpowers a would-be assassin, then orders the man to reveal who sent him. Clint reminds a fuming Nora that her own ethics haven't always been so high and mighty.

Viki tells Bo how worried she is about Natalie.

Addie and Blair prepare to say farewell to Langston and are puzzled by Dorian's apparent state of denial about the girl's impending departure.

Bo explains to a skeptical Viki why Jared and John both suspect that Tess may have returned. Adriana scoffs at Gigi's claim that Shane wants to see his dad.

Starr, Cole and Markko assure Langston they'll accompany her to the airport to see her off. Meanwhile, Ray tells Clint he's leaving for Colombia within the hour.

Sick and tired of Adriana's insults, Gigi flattens her with one punch.

Tina begins to fret when "David Vickers" fails to return home.

Tess overhears Bo and Viki discussing the possibility that Jessica's evil alter has taken control. An uneasy Nigel gets pulled into the middle of Clint and Nora's quarrel.

Jackie's hired gun reports on his failure to execute his mission.

Cole tries to comfort Starr as she tearfully ponders a future without her best friend. Nora and Clint kiss and make up. Markko and Langston share an emotional goodbye.

Gigi promises Shane they won't give up on Rex no matter what Adriana throws at them. Dorian is flustered when Ray shows up at La Boulet alive and well. Tina gasps to learn that Cain is holding "David Vickers" for ransom.

Tess decides to grab Bree and clear out of Llanview.

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One Life To Live
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