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John wrestles the hitman to the ground. Vanessa picks up the assassin's gun and shoots Ray. Gigi tells Marcie how Adriana moved Rex to a different facility.

A stunned Langston attempts to process the latest turn of events as Antonio places Vanessa under arrest. Gigi tearfully appeals to Michael to tell her where Rex was moved.

Janet puts Todd on notice after researching her patient's past and learning that Marty has a teenaged son who believes his mom is dead.

Cris explains to John how Lola and Vanessa were actually on the run from Ray. Blair begins to suspect that Dorian had a hand in the chaos which erupted at the airport.

Starr fills Cole in about her false labor and reveals that the baby may come sooner than they thought.

John takes Dorian down to the station house for questioning.

Though reluctant to break the rules of confidentiality, Michael decides to give Gigi a strong hint.

Insisting he's fallen in love with Marty, Todd warns Janet to clam up or risk having her own dirty laundry aired in public.

Vanessa asks Cristian to look after Lola for her. Gigi realizes that Rex must be ensconced at La Boulet.

Denying John's insinuations, Dorian defiantly declares she's glad Ray was shot. Blair advises Adriana to remember that if Rex does wake up he may still want Gigi.

With Ray in critical condition, a sputtering Dorian learns she's to be held at the jail overnight. Langston introduces herself to her cousin Lola. Marcie hatches a plot to sneak Gigi into La Boulet.

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