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Viki has been kicking herself for failing to realize what was wrong with Jessica. Nora informs Clint that Buchanan Enterprises is all his, while Adriana confides to Dorian that her marriage is over.

Roxy sheds tears of joy as she welcomes Rex home to his loft.

Jared encourages Natalie to believe they will find a way out of the secret room. Tess decides to send her prisoners off to eternity with a bang.

Nora explains to Clint how she bluffed Dorian into surrendering. Adriana tells her mother she's returning to Paris.

Rex is alarmed to learn that Natalie is still missing.

Tess instructs Todd to provide her and Bree with passports so they can flee the country at a moment's notice.

Roxy presents her son with a custom made pinata filled with mementos from Rex's childhood. Viki shudders to think that Jessica's baby might be born to Tess instead.

Though Dorian urges her to stay in Llanview, Adriana insists it's time to move on. Hoping to attract Viki's attention, Jared and Natalie start a small fire which triggers Llanfair's smoke alarm.

Tess arrives, however, and easily quashes the escape attempt.

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One Life To Live
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