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Fish offers to access Todd's bank account to aid John's investigation. Starr finishes packing a bag for the hospital and confides to her mother how strange it seems to already be on the verge of giving birth.

As Viki heads upstairs in search of Bree, Todd scrambles to prevent his sister from spotting Marty.

In Llanfair's cellar, Tess shows a rattled Natalie and Jared the dynamite she's going to use to eliminate Nash's killers once and for all.

John gives Fish the green light to rummage through their prime suspect's financial records. Marty ducks into hiding and listens as Viki berates Todd for lying about Bree being on the premises.

Standing beside his mother's crypt, Cole realizes it's time for him to move on with his life. Later, Cole reads aloud the letter he wrote to Marty as part of his college application.

Todd tries to persuade Viki to take Bree back to Llanfair with her for safekeeping. Meanwhile, Tess bitterly advises her prisoners to prepare to meet their maker.

Starr reads the essay Cole sent her.

Marty can't shake the feeling that she once loved a baby boy. Jared attempts to talk Tess into letting Natalie go free and killing him alone.

Fish and John find evidence that Todd paid Keys hush money to get him out of town. Tess sets the timer on the bomb, then suddenly suffers sharp abdominal pains as she turns to leave.

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