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Tess tells Natalie that Rex succumbed. Blair welcomes John back.

Worried about her ailing son, Roxy cries on Tina's shoulder.

Noting the wedding ring still on Todd's finger, Marty asks him if he's ready to let go of the past. Natalie is outraged when laughing Tess reveals that Rex is alive.

Adriana maintains her vigil at the ICU while Gigi bitterly bemoans the fact that Rex's vengeful wife has barred her from seeing him.

Jared explains to Bo why he's certain Natalie is in serious trouble and confides his suspicions about Jessica's alter returning.

John tells Blair he feels the same way about her after she admits how much she's come to depend on him. Tina's guilt deepens as Roxy wonders why she still hasn't heard from Natalie.

Meanwhile, Tess orders her prisoner to write another letter of farewell.

Brody suffers a flashback and attacks a cop until Bo manages to talk him down.

Adriana sheepishly admits to Layla how she sent her husband's toothbrush to Brody to help him cement his alleged connection to Shane.

Marcie appeals to Adriana to let Gigi visit Rex in hopes it will improve his condition. Todd promises Marty he's ready to move on with her, then proves it by removing his wedding ring and tossing it into the woods.

"Jessica" shows Jared the letter from Natalie but only succeeds in deepening his doubts. Todd surprises Marty with a marriage proposal.

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