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Upset to find Langston digging for information, Dorian advises her foster daughter to put the search on hold. Carlo brings Cristian to the prison in Bogota.

Back in Llanview, Bo cautions Sarah not to try looking for Cris on her own.

"Jessica" tells a pleasantly surprised Clint how she's come to depend on her Aunt Tina in recent days.

Watching on the closed circuit TV in the secret room, Natalie hopes her dad will see through Tess' charade.

In a dramatic One Life to Live moment, Rex glumly confides to Bo how his son hates his guts.

Gigi learns that she's lost her job at Rodi's but Brody convinces the bar's owner to give her a second chance.

Jared finally persuades Ray Montez to accept the deal he's been offered.

As Tina attempts to come clean with Clint, Tess jumps in to cut her off at the pass. Langston models her new back-to-school wardrobe for Starr and Dorian.

Gigi reminds Brody that she still intends to tell Shane the truth about his paternity. Carlo arranges for Cristian to be given Ray's name and inmate number.

As Rex contemplates letting Shane continue to believe that Brody is his dad, Bo urges his young friend not to pass up being a parent.

Dorian tells Langston she would like to officially adopt her.

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