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Shane icily informs Rex that he plans to become a Lovett so he'll share the same name as his father.

Layla again apologizes to Michael for getting him in hot water with his wife.

Though deeply touched by Dorian's request, Langston wonders aloud what prompted the question.

Todd is taken aback to discover that Marty has suddenly become ambulatory.

Nora harps at Clint for stooping so low in his efforts to wrestle Buchanan Enterprises away from Dorian.

Roxy suggests to Charlie that they're both in the same boat thanks to the lies they told her son.

Shane spits out his hatred for Rex, who quietly reminds an agitated Gigi why they shouldn't destroy what her boy feels for Brody.

Langston happily assures a delighted Dorian she would love to become an official part of the Cramer clan.

Michael tells Layla how much he enjoyed their evening at Capricorn.

Later, Marcie sees red when she spots her estranged husband giving Layla a hug.

Charlie encourages Roxy to believe that she and Rex can mend fences one day.

Marty promises Todd she has no plans to leave him.

Rex bitterly informs his astonished mother that Shane is her grandson but will never know it.

Nora's opinion of Clint sinks even lower after watching him lie to Markko.

Dorian, Starr and Langston plan to celebrate their good news. Roxy reaches out to her unhappy son. Dr. Joplin informs Todd she's changed her mind about helping him steal Starr's baby.

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