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Ray tells Langston how much she resembles her late mother.

Nigel confesses to Clint how he aided and abetted Jared's impersonation of the long-lost Buchanan.

Jared puzzles over the "Dear John" letter while an anguished Natalie watches from the secret room.

In Bogota, Mrs. Montez arrives at the prison to visit her husband and is startled to encounter Cristian instead.

When Dorian demands proof of his tale, Ray produces an old photo of himself with his sister. Nigel offers Clint his letter of resignation and apologizes humbly for all the harm he inadvertently inflicted on Asa's family.

Cris asks Ray's wife to contact Antonio for him.

Tess works hard to convince Jared that her sister really has dumped him.

Bo explains to Sarah why he believes that Carlo was behind Cristian's abduction. John quietly tells Tina he knows about her visit to Ramsey the night he died.

Despite Dorian's skepticism, Langston finds herself drawn to Ray and his memories of Linda. After hearing Nigel's entire story, Clint assures the faithful butler that he's welcome to stay.

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One Life To Live
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