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Langston runs interference for Starr as they report for their first day of classes. Dorian demands answers from Ray, who insists he only wants to get to know his niece.

Jared comes to Rex with questions about Natalie's disappearance.

Meanwhile, Natalie scoffs at Tess' plan to steal the heart of the man her sister loves. Markko fills Cole in on the surprise guest from Colombia who crashed the party at La Boulet.

Starr endures stares and whispers as she's forced to take a seat at the front of the school assembly. Shane tells a disappointed Gigi he wants his dad to escort him to his first day of school.

Ray reminds Dorian that she shares no blood ties with her foster daughter. Langston, Cole, Matthew and Markko all leap to Starr's defense after a jeering classmate mocks her.

Marcie is pleased to learn that she's going to be allowed to substitute teach on a probationary basis.

Adriana phones Rex to discuss working out their problems and is stunned when he announces that he wants a divorce. Starr grabs the microphone and advises everyone to use a condom if they decide to have sex.

Gigi orders Brody to move out of the carriage house, then reveals how she plans to tell Shane the truth as soon as he returns home.

Charlie urges his son not to give up on Natalie. Dorian hits the roof when Ray threatens to go to court to win custody of Langston.

Though Adriana begs for another chance, Rex informs her he's in love with Gigi. Starr's stunt lands her in hot water with the principal.

Brody trashes Gigi's place in a fit of temper.

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