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John asks Bo if he can retrieve the computer the mayor confiscated with the evidence from the Ramsey investigation.

Gigi tells Rex she's decided the time has come to give her son the whole story. As a dejected Jared returns to Llanfair, Tina tries to drop some hints about Natalie's disappearance.

Marty has another dream about John. Rex and Gigi discuss how to deal with Shane's anger and disbelief once he learns the truth.

Marcie comes to the carriage house to find it trashed and is confronted by a drunken, belligerent Brody. Tess presses Todd to run a front page story in the Sun about Natalie dumping Jared.

Meanwhile, Tina encourages Jared to believe that he will make his way back to the woman he loves. Brody furiously accuses a startled Marcie of trying to tear him and Shane apart.

In her dream, John cautions Marty that her benefactor has been lying to her. Tess threatens to expose Todd's secret unless he plays ball.

John nods off during his flight and dreams about Marty. Rex and Gigi make love for the first time in years.

Marcie is knocked unconscious as she tries to escape Brody's grasp.

What happens next? Tune in next week to One Life to Live!

One Life To Live
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