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Langston forces Cole to admit that he really came to La Boulet in hopes of bumping into Starr. Tina follows her dog to the cellar and finds "Jessica" admiring her secret room.

Marty confides to Janet how Todd asked her for help raising his new grandchild. Meanwhile, Starr is startled to spot her dad peering in at her during the birthing class at the hospital.

Irked by her aunt's meddling, Tess claims she had the basement room built just for Tina. John enlists Fish's assistance with a surveillance video which could identify Ramsey's mystery woman.

Todd interrupts the class to offer Starr an apology. Cole confesses to an outraged Langston how he came on to Karen at the country club right after she publicly trashed his pregnant girlfriend.

Janet urges Marty not to let her gratitude to Todd cloud her judgment. Tina realizes with a shudder that she's actually face to face with Tess.

Though Blair and Marcie both scoff at Todd's claim that he's a new man, Starr believes her father truly has had a change of heart. Fish wonders about John's personal interest in the case before them.

Janet suggests to her intrigued patient that Todd has a crush on her. A jeering Tess locks Tina and "David Vickers" into the secret room.

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