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Brody brings Shane to have his last name legally changed to "Lovett."

As passion grows for Marty and Todd, he pulls back from her embrace.

Dorian happily informs Langston that the adoption has been moved up and will become final that very afternoon.

Tess scrambles to keep Tina from confessing to Jared.

Shane worries about hurting his mom's feelings by going behind her back to change his name.

Gigi panics to learn that her son left school with Brody.

Langston questions Dorian's decision to rush the adoption just because Ray has come to town. "Jessica" urges Jared to stay on at Llanfair.

Awash in guilt about raping her years ago, Todd invents an excuse to avoid having sex with Marty.

Markko confides to Starr his concern about Langston's mysterious uncle.

The judge informs Brody that Gigi's written permission is required before Shane's name can be altered.

Marcie regains consciousness and warns an alarmed Gigi and Rex about Brody.

Dorian explains to Langston how Ray threatened to take legal guardianship of his niece.

After Brody claims that Rex is trying to muscle into the picture, an agitated Shane agrees to run off with his "real" father.

Marty tells Todd how excited she is about helping him raise his grandchild.

To Natalie's dismay, Jared consents to live under Viki's roof a while longer.

Dorian learns that an injunction has been filed to prevent her from adopting her foster daughter.

Rex and Gigi are horrified to realize that Brody is armed.

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