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John begins his search for Cristian. Vanessa tells Cris she will help him escape if he helps in locating Ray.

The judge's ruling stuns Langston and sends Dorian into a rage.

Bo issues an Amber Alert on Shane as Gigi and Rex's fears for their son intensify.

Brody explains to an excited Shane why using a weapon requires concentration and careful focus.

Ray promises a shaken Langston she will learn to enjoy living in Colombia.

With help from Layla and Sarah, Antonio and Talia attempt to keep Carlotta's morale from flagging.

A frantic Gigi wishes she had been honest with her son from the very start.

When Shane wonders aloud if his dad ever killed anyone, Brody admits he did but tells the boy how much it took out of him each time he ended another human being's life.

Cris swears to Vanessa that he will help her find her husband.

Dorian tries desperately to dissuade the judge from allowing Ray to take custody of Langston and whisk her away to a foreign land.

Antonio assures a guilt-stricken Talia that she didn't bring trouble down on the Vega family.

Vanessa bribes the warden to win Cristian's freedom. Dorian's furious outburst only earns her a jail cell for contempt of court.

Bo contacts Wes Granger, who reveals how Brody killed a child in Iraq. Shane wheedles Brody to let him try shooting the gun.

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