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Tess summons Todd to Llanfair after locking Tina and her dog in the secret room.

John has a change of heart and heads to Capricorn to hear Blair sing.

Startled by Natalie's story, Nora asks Clint why he would stoop to exploiting a teenager.

Antonio, Talia, Cris and Sarah arrive at the airport in New York City and are surprised to see Rex kissing Gigi.

Michael urges John not to let an unhealthy obsession with the mystery woman spoil his budding relationship with Blair.

Later, over shots of tequila, Michael and Layla commiserate about their own derailed love lives.

Fighting down her panic, Tina tries to figure out a way to save herself and "David Vickers."

Cristian and Antonio angrily confront Rex about betraying his wife.

Tess reminds Todd how she will blow the whistle on his little scam if he refuses to help her deal with Tina.

Though Clint stubbornly insists he's not ashamed of anything he's done, Nora berates him for going behind her back yet again.

Sarah bumps into Jared and wishes him luck with his mission to Colombia.

Cris learns he's been bumped from the flight back to Llanview.

As they board the plane for home, Gigi admits to Rex how nervous she is about telling Shane the truth.

A beaming Marty tells Todd she'd love to help him raise his grandchild. Tess stumbles over Tina's secret.

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One Life To Live
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